Our Services

1. Industry Trainings @ Empire Filmmakers Academy
Training Dept offers a range of training and instructional classes designed specifically for professionals and aspiring image-makers looking to broaden their knowledge of established and emerging production technologies. In addition, EMPIRE BAY develops custom training programs for institutions and companies that are looking to train their staff on specific acquisition technologies or subjects.
2. Equipment Sales @ Empire-Bay
Broadcast Empire carries products from over 40 manufacturers. Our elite and exclusive lines include Phroton high-speed cameras, Panasonic, Canon, Zeiss Fujinon, Ez Jib, Dolly, Red Rock Micro, Tangent Panels and many more .To best serve the needs of our clients, we offer sales by phone, online or in person.
3. Equipment Rentals @ Empire Rentals
We specialize in camera systems for film, digital cinema, broadcast and compact HD, all meticulously maintained by our on-site technicians. Our firsthand experience in the field and on-set benefits our clients during equipment selection and prep, as well as every stage of the production process.
4. Maintainance and Repairs @ Empire-Bay
Our Technical Services offers general maintenance and repair of professional cameras from Panasonic, JVC , Sony, Canon, Fujinon, Apple Mac  and others . We also provide repair and calibration services of all relevant cine, HD and ENG lenses through use of some of the most advanced optical calibration and test equipment found anywhere in Asia
5. Digital Media Services @ Empire-Bay
Broadcast Empire’s Digital Media Services Department offers a full range of tape and data transfer and archival services. We are experienced in developing efficient workflows and taking full advantage of emerging technologies and gear as they are introduced.
6. Social Tv Services
Social media technologies allow for television to be accessed and shared in a variety of ways. Viewers can actively participate while watching a program and have their interactions viewed and responded to in real time by other viewers. Technologies such as smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers allow for theses actions to occur anytime, anywhere, regardless of television air times. Television stations and programs can take advantage of this new accessibility by incorporating social media aspects into their programming and utilizing viewer comments to improve content. We bridge this platform .  Call us for details .